Best Lawn Tractor Battery Of 2024 – [ Top 7 Lawn Mower Batteries]

Finding the best lawn tractor battery with decent cold-cranking amps, steady voltages, a longer lifespan, durable and vibration-resistant body with a shock-absorbing design is a tougher job.

12V Lawnmower battery comes in different sizes, terminal positions, and shapes. A well maintain tractor can function well for many years, but its battery lasts for only 2 to 3 years before it must be replaced.

A lot of people confuse lawn tractor batteries with lawnmower batteries. You can use a tractor battery for lawnmowers but the other way around, it should never be used.


Editor’s Pick

Chrome12V 35AH
  • T3 terminals
  • Shocks & Vibration Proof
  • Durable AGM construction
tOP Pick

ExpertPower 12V 20Ah
  • More than 2500 cycles
  • Lithium Battery
  • Built-in BMS

Universal Power 12V 35AH
  • No charging loss
  • Shocks & Vibration Proof
  • Leakage Proof

Best Lawn Mover Battery Of 2024

There are a lot of fantastic battery companies on the market. You may have heard some of the names like ExpertPower, Chrome, Universal Power, etc.

I and my team have prepared a list of the top 7 best tractor batteries based on cold-cranking amps (close to 350 CCA lawn mower batteries), power, lifespan, low maintenance, durability, and budget.

We contacted 15 leading lead-acid and lithium battery companies; we interviewed general consumers, people who occasionally use lawn tractor batteries, gardeners, and electricians.

We concluded to include only 7 batteries on our list that are extremely popular in 2024.

Without waiting, check out the Comparison Table.

1. Chrome 12V 35Ah SLA – Close To 350 CCA Lawn Mower Battery


  • Weight: 21.7lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.68 x 5.12 x 6.46 inches
  • T3 terminals, 420 watts
  • Shock and vibration-resistant
  • Durable AGM construction
  • Robust and Versatile
Chrome Battery 12V 35AH

Chrome 12V 35Ah is a very versatile deep-cycle battery that is compatible with various electric gadgets, including boats, scooters, lawn tractors, and tractors. This might be the best lawn tractor battery.

Before reviewing this 35Ah version, I had 3 Chrome 12V 10Ah batteries, which I used in my Black and Decker lawn mower. The power voltage was steady and uniform, and the power was enough to run my lawn mower.

You can discharge them beyond 75% reserve capacity before the voltage drops rapidly. This feature is not common in most SLA batteries.

I recharged my old Chrome 12V 35Ah version up to 2500 times before replacing it. I do take care of batteries being an expert though.

This garden tractor battery is spill-proof and corrosion-resistant; it is vibration-resistant as well. Such features are necessary to withstand the wear and tear of a lawn tractor. I like the corrosion feature in particular because it prevents acid from leaking. I hate to maintain terminals and stuff.

Lawnmower tractors are heavy-duty; you need something durable, strong, reliable, vibration- and shock-resistant, and powerful. I am using Chrome 12V 35Ah because it is very popular and people are using it. Try this battery; you won’t be disappointed.

  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Affordable and compact
  • More than 2000 life cycles
  • You can use 75% reserve capacity before the voltage drops rapidly
  • Heated sealed case.
  • Reliability
  • A bit heavy if you are weight conscious

2. Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah Lawn Mower Tractor Battery


  • Weight: 22.5lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.19 x 7.13 inches
  • Leakage proof design
  • Vibration resistant
  • High energy density and reserve capacity
  • No charging loss
Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah Lawn Mower Tractor Battery

Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah is easily one of the best tractor batteries because of its vibration resistance, spill-proof design, strong and durable body, and most importantly, steady voltage output.

AGM constriction is very important for lawn tractor batteries to withstand high surges, vibrations, and unexpected spillage.

I used to have a 100-amp Universal Power riding mower battery that was connected to my solar panel (30-amp charger). It never disappointed me. The voltage was always steady; I could drain the reserve capacity of the battery up to 75% before the voltage quickly dropped. It is a huge thing for an SLA battery.

Universal Power has upgraded its batteries with more safety features, and premium construction. It is maintenance-free and can be mounted anywhere in case you don’t want to use it for your tractor anymore.

I do hear a lot of complaints about the short lifespan of the battery. Mine lasted for a long time and was still in good shape. I never encountered such an issue. Now I have purchased 3 Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah units. Maybe people are not taking care of their batteries properly.

  • High CCA
  • Low self-discharge. High energy density
  • Spill-proof, shockproof, vibration resistant
  • I year warranty
  • Short lifespan according to online reviews

3. ExpertPower 20Ah LifePO4 12V Lawn Mower Battery


  • Weight: 5.8lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 3 x 6.6 inches
  • Lithium battery
  • More than 2500 cycles
  • Very high energy density
  • Built-in BMS
  • 12.8 nominal voltage
  • Environmental friendly construction
  • Longer lifespan compared to SLA battery
ExpertPower 12V 20Ah Lithium

Before purchasing ExpertPower 12V 20Ah, I bought a 100Ah unit which was recommended by a friend. I did the capacity test as I do with my all batteries. It passed the test with flying colors. I pulled max load 9 minutes and 5Ah.

The final results of my ExpertPower 12V 100Ah riding mower battery, 110Ah and 1410Wh which is 10 to 11% more than the advertised capacity. ExpertPower 12V 20Ah is no different.

These batteries have a built-BMS to protect the battery from high temp and low temp charging, these are vibration and shockproof, the battery life is longer compared to any LEAD-ACID battery, and are lightweight.

The connections are well made, and the setup and construction are absolutely solid. The battery is super durable as well.

For the experiment, I purchased two ExpertPower 12V 20Ah batteries for my trailer after reading an online review. I used them for about 2 months. Their performance was superb. They kept my refrigerator running 24/7.

I am sure the lifecycle will be impressive at 100% and 80% discharge. 20Ah units give the best power output/size ratio at 30amps continuous and 80Amps for 3 sec.

ExpertPower LifePo4 batteries can be used for a very wide range of operations like outdoor activities, camping, RVs, boat, small kayaks, and home appliances. These units can withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather. The reserve capacity is also excellent, and they have amazing customer service.

  • Provides 10 o 11% more power than advertised.
  • Lightweight and highly durable.
  • Strongly built
  • Versatile usages.
  • High reserve capacity
  • Ideal for lawn tractors and outdoor activities.
  • Virtually never dies.
  • Low temp charging protection doesn’t work.

4. Mighty Max ML35-12 35Ah SLA 12V Lawn Mower Battery


  • Weight: 23lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.76 x 5.12 x 7.01 inches
  • SLA/AGM spill-proof
  • Full depletion won’t damage the battery
  • Very safe
  • Operates well in cold weather
  • Durable body. Ideal for lawn mower tractors
Mighty Max ML35-12 35Ah SLA 12V Lawn Mower Battery

Mighty Max is one of the most powerful and durable SLA batteries and an ideal choice for a variety of lawn tractors.

A couple of months ago, I purchased Mighty Max 35Ah for my trolling motor, it gave about 12 amps average at speed 3 for a 30-pound thrust trolling motor. It certainly lives up to its expectations.

It is versatile and usable for many devices including trolling motors and fish finders, but it is considered to be an idea for John Deere Tractor and other lawn mower tractors because it is not only spill-proof, but it is also vibration resistant.

If you happen to overcharge it or deep discharge it, Mighty Max will just bounce back, it won’t die that quickly.

The reserve capacity can be used up to 76% before the voltage drops quickly which is a pretty huge deal for a lead-acid battery.

Mighty Max 35Ah’s is compatible with lawn tractors. You can use it for other appliances as well but I have researched that most people are using it for lawn-mower tractors.

  • Fully depletion will not damage the battery
  • Very low self-discharge rate
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant
  • Durable body.
  • Ideal for lawn mower appliances.
  • Mounting accessories are not included.

5. Weize 12V 35Ah SLA Battery For Tractor


  • Weight: 23.1lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.68 x 5.12 x 7.09 inches
  • Very good battery life
  • Charges rapidly
  • Spill-proof and shock-resistant
  • Low self-discharge
  • Excellent recovery after deep discharge
  • The idea for wheelchairs and tractors
Weize 12V 35Ah SLA Battery For Tractor

The reason I am picking SLA batteries, again and again, is because people are using them a lot. It is not like lithium batteries are not popular, but I am looking at the sales volume too. Lead-acid batteries have a very high sales ratio.

With enough power, durable construction, spill-proof, and shock-resistant design, Weize 12V 35Ah is ideal for tractors as a 12V battery.

Before this, I purchased Weize 12V 35Ah for my trolling motor (Minn Kota 30 pounds) in my 14ft. canoe. I used it for 3.5 hours straight with 3 average-sized people. When I got home, my charger showed it was only 48% down.

After two years, I have purchased another one for the testing purpose of my lawnmower. I am reviewing it for readers.

It only weighs 22lbs. and uses AGM technology and we know AGM construction for batteries is reliable.

One of the most impressive things about this battery is its low self-discharge rate and you can push the reserve capacity to 73% before the voltage drops rapidly.

Weize 12V 35Ah recharges very quickly which makes it ideal for wheelchairs, lawnmowers, fish finders, portable tools, golf carts, RV houses, and emergency lighting.

Some people have written that it is fine to start a riding mower. No sir, it is not. It cannot start a riding mower. It doesn’t have enough power. Even if you try, you will only damage your battery.

  • Versatile uses
  • Spill-proof, shockproof
  • Excellent for lawnmowers and wheelchairs
  • Low self-discharge rate.
  • Recharges rapidly
  • Deep-cycle, excellent battery life.
  • Can’t be used for starting riding mowers.

6. Interstate 12V 35Ah Lead-acid Riding Mower Battery


  • Weight: 22.5lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.76 x 5.16 x 6.26 inches
  • High-grade built quality
  • Maintenance-free
  • Shock-proof and vibration-resistant
  • Ideal for UPS backup power, Kubota Lawn Mowers, solar power, and wheelchairs.
Interstate 12V 35Ah Lead-acid Riding Mower Battery

Interstate brand has been around for a long time and they have a reputation for producing super durable and reliable batteries.

Interstate 12V 35Ah has a valve-regulated design to ensure zero spillage. The built quality is supreme. There are no loose ends that are why these batteries are mostly used for rough and tough applications like RVs, trolling motors, wheelchairs, and tractors where vibration and shocks are higher.

Before this, I had an Interstate 12V 110Ah unit to power my sump pump in Northern Illinois at my grandparent’s house. This battery always gave steady voltage and held the charge pretty well.

I installed an Interstate 12V 35Ah unit in my neighbor’s wheelchair, who is about 65 years old and these batteries are working well under pressure, whereas two other cheaper SLA batteries failed.

First I was going to install an Ampere Time battery which is also high-end, but then my older brother suggested Interstate, ExpertPower, Chrome, and Ampere Time. I gave it a chance to interstate and it worked.

Interstate 12V 35Ah is very good for lawn mower tractors because of the thicker lead plates that allow many recharges and discharges. The overall reliability factor also plays its part.

  • Extremely durable and reliable
  • Longer lifespan. More cycles
  • Works well in cold weather as well
  • Holds the charge pretty well
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Capacity is slightly less in reality compared to similar rated SLA batteries.

7. ExpertPower 12v 35Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery


  • Weight: 23.5lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.63 x 5.19 x 6.85
  • Maintenance-free
  • Spill-proof
  • Less than 1% self-discharge rate
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • A great choice for trolling motors, wheelchairs, John Deere lawnmowers, and Yeti 400 Solar Generator
ExpertPower 12v 35Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

ExpertPower 12v 35Ah Gel is a spill-proof deep cycle battery with high energy density and excellent depth of discharge rate.

Gel batteries are likely to lose temperature faster than AGM batteries because of the gel thixotropic composition of the batteries, but in terms of depth of discharge (DoD), gel batteries are way better than AGM.

I haven’t tested this gel lawn mower battery, but I used it with the goal zero Yeti 400 solar generator by connecting two in parallel. Its performance was solid with even voltage distribution.

Last year, I powered my min Kota c2 30 trolling motor using ExpertPower 12v 35Ah Gel riding lawn mower battery. The canoe was cruising for 6 hours straight.

The low self-discharge rate is real. One of my friends is using ExpertPower 12v 35Ah Gel in his son’s power wheel and he told me that it has been in the power wheel for 3 months without charging intermittent use here and there for 85 days. It holds the charge pretty well.

This might not be the best lawn tractor battery, but one of the biggest benefits of gel batteries is the fewer leaking problems, I am not saying AGM batteries have such a problem but I should at least include one battery in the list.

  • Extremely low self-discharge rate
  • Safe and spill-proof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Holds the charge pretty well
  • Give out a steady voltage
  • Doesn’t work well in the cold compared to an AGM battery

Best Tractor Battery Buying Guide

If you want the best lawn tractor battery, you have to know that these batteries come in various sizes are shapes. It can be a bit confusing to know which factors we should consider before making a purchasing decision.

Fortunately, I and my team have figured out some of the factors you should consider before purchasing a lawn tractor battery.

How To Choose The Best Lawn Tractor Battery

Voltage and Amp Hour Rating (Battery Capacity):

The ideal voltage for lawn tractors is considered to be 12V and that is why we have only listed 12-volt batteries. I have an 80’s model tractor, then a 6-volt would be fine.

Amp. hour ratings tell the user how much amperage a battery provide can give out in 1 hour. Like other vehicles, lawn tractor engines also charge the battery while it runs.

That said, anything between 20 to 40Ah and 12V is a standard nowadays. Most of the batteries on my list are 12v 35Ah. Batteries with a high amp hour rating discharge slowly.

I would suggest a 12V 35Ah battery for any standard lawn mower tractor.

Cold Cranking Amps close to 350 CCA Lawn Mower Battery:

The Cold-cranking amp is the amount of current a garden tractor battery is capable of generating in 30 seconds in sub-freezing temperatures.

The higher number of CCAs is extremely important for lawn tractors as snowplows in the wintertime.

Gel batteries in particular have low cold-cranking amps and we need anything higher than 250 cold-cranking amps for lawn tractors.

Lead-acid and lithium batteries produce decent cold-cranking amps. Make sure to check the CCA rating before purchasing any battery if you live in a colder region.

Material And Battery Type:

Most lawn tractor batteries are lead-acid which are made by using AGM technology to make them super strong, spill-proof, vibration-resistant, and durable. Not all Lead-acid is AGM though. AGM batteries charge 5 times faster than normal lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid batteries lose their charge over the type and once you use the 70 to 75% reserve capacity, the voltage will rapidly drop.

Look for AGM (absorbed glass matt) and gel if you want no spillage when the battery turns over.

Deep-cycle batteries use more thicker and durable lead plates and withstand repeated charges and discharges without causing damage to the plates.

I would recommend either a lifePO4 battery or an AGM lead-acid battery for your lawn tractor.

Terminal Size:

Batteries come in different sizes and shapes but fortunately, they are categorized in different groups based on different specifications.

The 12V lawnmower battery falls under the U1 Council category having standard dimensions of 8 x 5+ x 7 inches.

The location of the terminals in the lawnmower batteries is not universal. U1 batteries have positive terminals on the left side, and U1R has them on the right side.

You can follow this guide to clean the terminals of your existing battery


If you want to increase the life of your battery, you must follow some maintenance tasks. Sub-freezing temperatures discharge the battery quickly, so make sure to charge it fully, and not completely drain it, leaving some charge behind.

Store it somewhere warm and cold like a basement or garage. Purchase a maintenance charger it will come in handy to maintain the brand-new battery.

Always keep the terminal and cables free from corrosion to avoid power resistance. Even maintenance-free batteries need some maintenance.

Sings Your Battery Is Dead And New Replaced

Even the best LifePo4 batteries don’t last for years. Even if you maintain them properly like cleaning the terminals, storing them in a dry place, charging regularly, and never draining them to zero.

So what are the signs your battery is dead and needs to be replaced? Check them out.

  • Slow starting and losing charge quickly

Best lawn tractor batteries are engineered to provide quick starting power. If it is not starting quickly enough again, check the terminals, engine, fuel, and cables, if everything is fine, then your battery is getting out of juice.

If your battery is losing charge more quickly than before and rapidly losing voltage despite proper charging, it is also a sign of an almost dead battery.

  • Corroded terminals and cracked case

Improper tightening, cleaning, and usage can result in corroded terminals. With time, terminals do get corroded and lose some material but it is also happening due to improper maintenance. 

Greenish fungus over terminals means you are not maintaining your battery properly, some liquid has leaked, and your battery is close to being replaced.

If there is a crack in the case, this might lead to electrolyte spillage. The spillage will eat the metal eventually and lead to corrosion. In the end, you will have to replace your battery.

How To Test If The Lawn Tractor Battery Is Dead

If you witnessed some of the above-mentioned signs, now is the time to test if the battery is dead or not using the following methods.

  • Multimeter: Make sure to charge the battery, it works best when it is rated at 12.7 DC volts or higher. If the battery is within this range and still has its power rapidly and dropping voltage, then maybe something else is causing the problem. But, if the battery is rated at 11.5 volts, then replace your battery man!
  • Sulfation: Formation of the build-up of lead sulfate crystals on the surface of sulfation is when the molecules in the electrolytes are completely discharged and they start using lead charging plates for discharge. Performance severely decreases when sulfation happens.

FAQs – Best Lawn Tractor Battery

How do I choose a lawn tractor battery?

Match the dimensions and terminal position of the old battery to the new one. Look for either lead-acid or lithium batteries. Both are reliable, durable, and powerful with decent cold-cranking amps and steady voltage.

Are all lawn tractor batteries the same

No. Not all batteries are compatible with lawn tractors. 12 volts may be common, but sizes and dimensions are different. Some feature advanced technology and some are simple.

Why does my garden tractor battery keep dying?

Lack of maintenance, corroded terminals, and cracked cases, and maybe the reasons. If you are completely draining your battery to zero and not charging it properly, that might also affect the battery’s lifespan.

How long does a lawn tractor battery last?

I change my battery in 2 years, but typically they last for at least 3 years.

Can I put a larger battery in my lawn tractor?

As long as it fits and the voltage (12v replacing 12v) is the same, you can put a larger battery in your tractor.

What batteries do tractors use?

Lead acid is the most common type in tractors because these are vibration-resistant, shock-proof, and spill-proof. Lithium batteries are also a good option. These last for a very long time and they are more efficient compared to lead acid.

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