Bluetti EB240 Review – Quality Off-Grid Solar Generator

Bluetti EB240 Review
  • Weight: 48.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.4 x 6.5 14.4 inches (L x W x H)
  • Power: 1000W rated, 1200W peak from two sockets
  • Capacity: 2400Wh Lithium-ion composition
  • You can use it while you charge it.
  • 8 different ports
  • Quality BMS. 2500+ cycle at 80%
  • Durable aluminum shell
  • Solar input: 500W Max, 16 – 60V at 10A.
  • Ports: x2 AC ports, x4 USB-A ports, x1 USB-C PD 45W, x1 CAR outlet.

Bluetti EB240 Review

This Bluetti EB240 Review is based on the capacity test, load test, performance, inverter test, charging time, and overall look.

My team purchased Bluetti EB240 back in January 2022 and we have been using it in our off-grid office since then to gather data for this review.

So after using it for close to 8 months, I can safely say Maxoak EB240 is another great product from Bluetti.

This power station is specially designed for RVs and other general off-grid use by adding a 2400Wh capacity which is about 900Wh extra compared to its little brother Bluetti EB150’s 1500Wh capacity.

I have a few off-grid cabins in different locations all equipped with a solar system, power stations, and portable generators. If you don’t have a solar system in your off-grid cabin, Bluetti EB240 can cover the power needs. I have personally tested that.

EB240 is a self-contained power station that has multiple charging options and a dedicated pure sine-wave AC transformer.

The value per watt is excellent, it charges quickly, and it can withstand the wear and tear of the road thanks to the durable aluminum body.

12V regulated output is another great feature it has so no matter the battery stats, the output will be 12.1V.

When I first bought it, I read online that people were complaining about the capacity test issues. Claims were that this unit is less than 80% efficient. I conducted a capacity test of my own and I will the results later in this review.

Like HOBOTECH said on his Youtube channel, this off-grid solar generator is the size of two battle born batteries that cost around $2000. For less, we get a portable power solution that has a nice aluminum body, multiple ports, and charging options. Isn’t that cool?

Unboxing & Design:

Design of bluetti EB240

The delivery was quick as expected from Bluetti. The package had a power station, a power cord, a standard MC4 connector, a charger, and a warranty card. Just standard stuff.

The durable injected polymer has been used in the construction of the case. The design is compact and portable.

It weighs 48.5 pounds which is a bit heavy. The overall construction is like a suitcase. It is easier to move around thanks to the ergonomic handle.

All the ports and essentials are on the front panel with an LCD showing battery stats, input and output power, and other necessary codes.

Control panel of EB240

It has separate buttons for AC and DC. You are going to have to press down the AC or DC button to get power out of it.

AC DC buttons of Bluetti EB240

Bluetti EB240 has the following ports:

Ports of bluetti EB240
  • X2 AC ports = 110V
  • X1 DC ports = 12V 9A
  • X1 PD USB-C port = 45W
  • X4 USB-A ports = 5V 3A

How Do You Charge Maxoak Bluetti EB240?

Charging methods of Maxoak Bluetti EB240

So there are three ways you can charge this unit like any other power station. I have tested all three. AC charging and solar charging works fine, but 16V car charging is not possible.

Using their given AC 200W adapter, the device took around 14.6 hours to fully charge. I would’ve loved at least a 400W AC adapter.

In the modern era, fast charging through the wall is a must but then again, we are talking about off-grid and we are not gonna get shore power in our small cabins or RVs.

So this little bad boy has an advanced MPPT charge controller than can increase the solar charging speed by 40%. They also provide their MC4 connector and it can accept up to 500W of solar power.

I only had 300W available solar power during the testing, and the EB240 charged up to 100% in just 8.4 hours.

If you can manage to give it 500W of solar input, it will charge up to 5 to 5.5 hours.

It also has a car charging option which will take ages to fully charge the unit, but I don’t think you will be able to charge because most vehicles put out 14 or 14.4V and this thing accept 16V input.

That is a problem if you are a full-time off-grid person on the road in your travel trailer or RV. To counter this, you are gonna have to buy a 300W pure sine wave inverter to be able to charge it.

What Appliances Bluetti EB240 Will Run?


This device has been able to power the following devices:

  • Laptop (60Wh) = 33 charges
  • Cellphone (30Wh) = 254 charges
  • CPAP machine = 30+ hours
  • LED lights (10W) = 200+ hours
  • WIFI router = 30 hours
  • A 250W blender = 7+ hours
  • Microwave (600W) = 3+ hours

Bluetti EB240 also ran my full-size home refrigerator that takes about 160 rated watts.

The biggest surprise for me was it was able to run a 15A table saw for a few seconds despite being a 9A power station. The surge watts spiked to 1500+ plus.

Battery Capacity Test:

Now addressing the elephant in the room. I see a lot of reviews online from people complaining about the capacity test that they can’t go more than 1700 or 1800Wh on this device.

I saw the HOBOTECH review where he was able to get 2098Wh which is roughly 87% efficiency. For my Bluetti EB240 review, I also conducted a little capacity test of my own and the results are:

  • Capacity test at starting voltage of 12.1. At 100W, it took nearly 20 hours to discharge.
  • I was able to get 2080Wh which is roughly 86.6% efficient.

I conducted the test three more times and the average efficiency was 85.6%. I don’t why the online complaints are circulating. Maybe there were some problems with the older models. Mine is completely fine.

Load Test:

From the 12V port, I was able to pull 10amps. I tried to push it a bit further but no luck.

I have also checked the pure sine wave as HOBOTECH did. The inverter is pretty good. The sine wave was pure.

The Inverter Load Test

I was able to get 1190 watts for 3 minutes and 11 seconds. Bluetti claims it can go 1200 watts for 3 minutes and it lived up to the expectation.

We had an old CPAP machine that we wanted to test with Bluetti EB240. It was able to run it for 32 hours straight which is pretty impressive.

Performance of Maxoak Bluetti EB240

The battery cells Maxoak is using in their Bluetti EB240 power stations offer three times the cycles than Jackery, and they cost less per Watt hour.

The biggest selling point for me is the huge capacity of a tiny body. This thing can be an off-grid solution for your cabin or travel trailer while being completely portable. Using an adapter, I charge RV house batteries and ran everything under 1000 watts.

I have also powered my small 5000 BTU AC for an entire day. The trick is you feed the power station a constant 400 to 500W of solar input throughout the day. Otherwise, it will the 5000BTU AC for 3 to 4 hours which is also good.

So the other Maxoak Bluetti EB150 didn’t have the higher voltage options to use three solar panels in a series, you could only use two. Bluetti EB240 has that option.

So the biggest complaint I have like so many other users for this Bluetti EB240 review is the tiny inverter size despite having a massive battery capacity. The inverter is only 1000W which is a letdown.

I don’t know if it is a marketing strategy like cellphones use to do but I don’t think it is only 1000W justifiable. 1500 to 1600W inverter would’ve been awesome and it would’ve made this unit a leading competitor in the market.

I also agree with the lack of an Anderson power plug. I don’t think a barrel plug connector was a smart choice for 500W of solar input.

Who Should Buy Maxoak Bluetti EB240 Power Station?

If you are looking for something portable with a huge battery capacity, and good solar input, you should buy a Maxoak Bluetti EB240 power station.

What I Like

  • Huge battery capacity
  • 500W solar input
  • Passed the capacity and load test
  • Pretty much runs everything under 1000W
  • Not noisy at all
  • Portable and compact

What I don’t

  • Not Anderson Power pole
  • Only 1000W inverter size
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