Jackery Explorer 1000 Review 2024 [Honest Opinion]

In this article, I have given a complete Jackery Explorer 1000 review based on load testing, charging capacity, design, durability, and reliability.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Quick Overview

Jackery Explorer 1000 Review
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 inches
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Wattage: 1000 watts output, 2000W peak
  • AC input: 3’110V, 1000W (2000 peak)
  • DC input: 8mm DC, 12V -30V (200W max)
  • Capacity: 1002Wh
  • Ports: 3 AC and 5 DC ports.
  • Very quiet operation
  • Comes with a dual-solar panel connector
  • Built-in MPPT controller (highly efficient)

Complete Jackery Explorer 1000 Review

I have already written a Jackery Explorer 1000 review in the best solar generator article, but that is more like a summary. This is my full review on this little beast.

In my opinion, Jackery Explorer 1000 is the best 1000-watt power station currently available on the market.

This is an ultra-portable and lightweight power station that features a 1002Wh capacity of the elite quality, and 3 pure sine wave AC outlets to power and charge your daily life-sensitive appliances like cameras, phones, laptops, etc.

Jackery 1000 can provide a continuous wattage of 1000 watts and a 2000 watts peak which is massive for a tiny device.

I like they doubled the surge watts up to 2000 which will come in handy whenever you run any motor-driven device because they need a bit of extra power for a moment to overcome inertia.

The generator will surge above 1000 and will come down again without tripping.

I will begin my review with the unboxing experience.

Unboxing of Jackery Explorer 1000:

  • So out of the box, you get the power station.
  • DC charging cable.
  • Anderson power pole dual-connectors so you can connect two solar panels to the Jackery.
  • You also get a charging brick and AC cable.
  • Registration info card.
  • Warranty card.
  • Super useful user manual.

The user manual is very helpful. I got everything I wanted to know about this little bad boy from the manual. You should give it a try.

Design of Jackery Explorer 1000


For a 1000 power station, Jackery Explorer 1000 is made to fit in the back of your truck, in your van, camper, or RV.

This thing is designed like a small radio with a nice handle to carry it around.

I would’ve loved a collapsible handle to save even more space. I have talked to some of the guys that are working in the Jackery too. I think they will improve in future models.

A lot of guys are comparing it with Anker PowerHouse 200 in terms of size. Come on guys, Jackery 1000 has about 800 extra watts than Anker PowerHouse, the comparison is dumb.

If you compare it with any other 1000-watt portable power station, I am sure Jackery will come on top.

Jackery 1000 is very lightweight, it weighs only 22 pounds. Most 1000W solar generators weigh between 38 to 42 pounds.

How Many Ports Does Jackery 1000 Have?

Ports of Jackery 1000

This unit has the following ports:

  • 3 pure sine wave AC outlets
  • A DC power input
  • Anderson power pole outlet
  • 2 USB A ports
  • 2 USB C ports
  • DC output

From a phone to a refrigerator, you can plug anything into this unit.

How Do You Charge a Jackery Explorer?

How Do You Charge a Jackery Explorer

Jackery 1000 has 3 charging options. You can either charge it directly from the solar, from the wall outlet, or the 12V DC car outlet.

I have tested all three charging options, and I am a little disappointed with the solar charging method. It can only take 200W of solar input which is not up to the competition.

When the last time I charged my Jackery Explorer on a bright sunny day using two SolarSaga panels of 100W each, it took about 8 hours to fully charge.

When I used only one SolarSaga 100W panel, Jackery took close to 16 hours to fully charge. I hope they improve the solar input in future models.

From the wall outlet, it normally takes 7 hours to fully charge which is fine because I use it while it charges.

When the last time I charged it from my truck’s DC outlet, it took 13.5 hours to fully charge.

What is the Performance of Jackery Explorer 1000?

Jackery states that operating limits regarding temperature is -10C to

40C. I am currently living in Pakistan and the temperature in my town reaches 46 to 48C regularly. I have had no issues so far.

I am a huge Overlanding and outdoor type of guy and I always carry a small fridge with me to store water, drinks, and other stuff. Nowadays, I carry Dometic 28.

I plugged the Jackery into the DC outlet of my car and connected the Dometic 28 using the DC port. I have continuous power for days.

To test its capacity, I set the fridge at 1C and ran it without recharging my power station.

It ran my fridge for four days continuously. I was super impressed. The BMS wasn’t eating much battery to work.

Furthermore, I have been able to power my batteries, laptop, cellphone, lights, iPad, coffee maker, and other necessary things without any problem.

How long will Jackery 1000 last?

It is made of thick and durable plastic. I am also impressed by the built quality. My driving can be a bit rough because I mostly drive off-roads.

My Jackery Explorer has been under some wear and tear but I haven’t noticed any starch or physical damage. This thing is solid.

Load Test of Jackery Explorer 1000

Not all 1000W power stations can reach 1000W rated power, but I was able to get 1090W of continuous power during my test.

The big surprise for me was this power station didn’t shut down due to overload. I was super impressed by the results. I haven’t pushed it to its limit since then.

These Jackery power stations are super quiet so I didn’t bother conducting a noise test.

How Many Charges Does Jackery 1000 Give?

  • Laptop = 9 charges
  • Cellphone = 100 charges
  • Coffee maker = 50 mins
  • TV = 13 hours
  • Microwave = 45 mins
  • Mini Cooler = 17 hours

What Appliances Will Jackery Explorer 1000 Run?

ApplianceQuantityPeak wattsRunning watts
A standard fridge11200200
Microwave oven110001000
Coffee maker1600600
Electric blanket1200200
Incandescent lights1300300

Should I Buy a Jackery Explorer 1000?

As per my expertise and experience, you should buy Jackery Explorer 1000 if you are looking for the best 1000W power station. The only problem I see is the price, other than that, this unit is perfect for camping, Overlanding, RVs, and outdoor activities in general.

Compared to Goal Zero Yeti 1000 and Bluetii EB150 which are also expensive, Jackery 1000 is lightweight and sleek.

I hope you would like my honest Jackery Explorer 1000 review. If you have any questions regarding the interface, charging, battery capacity, or anything general, comment below and I will answer.

Here is the review of Jackery explorer 1500, a newer and bigger model from the jackery

What I Like

  • Very compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • 1002Wh battery capacity.
  • Provide more power than advertised.
  • Three-way charging option.
  • Very safe pure sine wave power.
  • MPPT technology (96% efficient)
  • Preferred for Overlanding, and camping.

What I don’t

  • A bit pricey for a 1000W power station.
  • Only 200W solar input. They can spike it a bit.
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