Bluetti AC200P Review – Best 2000 Watt Power Station?

I have given an Honest Bluetti AC200P Review after 11 months of usage based on power, outlets, load test, capacity, BMS, and overall convenience.

Bluetti AC200P Quick Overview

Bluetti AC200P Review
  • Weight: 60.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches
  • LG premium electric vehicle battery cell
  • Power: 2000 watts continuous. 4800 surge
  • Capacity: 2000Wh. LifePo4 battery chemistry
  • Charging: 0 to 100 in 3.6 hours
  • Outlets: x6 110V AC ports, x1 12V 10A DC, X1 12V 25A DC, x1 12 3A DC, x4 USB A outlets, 1x USB C port, 2 wireless charging ports.
  • Touch Screen panels

Complete Bluetti AC200P Review

This is my Bluetti AC200P review after 11 months of use and this might be the best 2000 watt solar generator on the market.

I am going to write my personal experience with the little beast and how it is helping me during my wilderness trips.

This unit is made for long outdoor trips, camping, and emergency backup power because it provides more than enough energy to power your daily life essentials including a small fridge, coffee maker, microwave, cellphones, drone batteries, laptops, and even a small AC.

Bluetti AC200P is rated at 2000 watts, and 4800-watt peak. It generates more power than my Champion 2000 inverter generator which is rated at 1700 watts, and 2000 watts continuous.

Before this, I used my champion to power my 7000 BTU RV AC whenever I was stationary, but nowadays, I am relying on Bluetti AC200P on sunny days.

There is an ECO-MODE that will shut down to save the battery power if small loads are attached to the inverter.

It has LifePO4 battery composition which is a highly advanced technology. You can learn more about LifePo4 battery chemistry in this research.

The touchscreen control panel is one of the best features of this power station. It shows real-time input and output voltages for solar, car, and AC input. It also displays power, temperature, current, and state of charge.

Touchscreen Display Information of the Bluetti AC200P
Touchscreen Display Information of the Bluetti AC200P

Design of Bluetti AC200P 2000 Solar Generator

It is beautifully designed with almost even dimensions (16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches) from each side, it looks like a vintage radio.

It is made of durable hard plastic with two handles molded into the frame which makes it very convenient. It has 4 rubber feet to prevent the power station from slipping.

It weighs 27.5Kgs which is over four times the weight of Bluetti AC50S but it has 2000Wh capacity whereas AC50S has only 500Wh capacity.

Nevertheless, it is quite heavy for a power station. My Jackery Explorer 1000 weighs only 22 pounds even if it is only a 1000-watt unit. I have suggested Bluetti to cut down a few pounds from their future models.

How Many Ports Does Bluetti AC200P Have?

  • X6 110V AC ports.
  • X1 12V 10A DC.
  • X1 12V 25A DC.
  • X1 12 3A DC.
  • X4 USB A outlets.
  • X1 USB C port.
  • 2 wireless charging ports.
  • X1 PD 6OW fast charger outlet that accepts 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, and 20V/3A charging.

How Do You Charge a Bluetti 2000W Power Station?

There are multiple ways to charge this portable power station. There are two input ports with 5 ways of charging. A 58.8V/500W rated AC adapter, and a 12-30V/8.A to XT90 car charging port.

Solar Charging:

I normally charge all of my power stations while I drive, but I also use solar panels to charge them when I camp.

Bluetti AC200P input port for solar is rated at 35 to 50V and 12A via its MC4 to XT90 solar charging cables.

The maximum solar input it can take is 700W. I only have a 600W setup which takes about 4 hours to fully charge the Bluetti AC200P.

During my initial review which I mentioned in the solar generator article, I gave it a 700W solar input when I was home. It took about 3.3 to 3.6 hours to fully charge the unit.

This is not bad at all and I loved the fact that this unit can accept a huge 700W input capacity.

AC Generator Charging:

I always carry an inverter generator with me whenever I am outdoors for emergencies. I have charged my Bluetti AC200P with my Westinghouse iGen4500.

My power station went from empty to full in 4 hours and 50 minutes the first time. The second time it took about 5 hours and 45 minutes because I had a full load on the generator.

4.5 to 5.6 hours is the average time a generator will take to fully charge Bluetti 2000.

If I compare it with its closest competitor EcoFlow Delta Max which under 2 hours to fully charge using X-Stream fast charging technology, Bluetti needs to step up its game. EcoFlow is beating it.

Solar + Wall Charging:

So this method is not that common, but I have charged my unit using a 411W AC power block, and 650W of solar input.

My device was full in 2.5 hours. This is the fastest way but not the most common method.

Charging From the Car:

Although this is the slowest method, but the most convenient for me because I charge my drone batteries, navigation devices, camera batteries, laptop, cellphone, and fridge while driving and charging the device.

It takes about 8.5 to 9 hours to fully charge with a 24V input source.

What is The Performance of Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator?

One of the features I love is the two wireless charging pads integrated into the Bluetti AC200P. The output power is 15W and it takes about 2 to 2.2 hours to fully charge a phone.

The main selling point of Bluetti AC200P for me is those 17 different AC and DC outlets with dust caps.

It can be anything I want from batteries, cellphones, navigation devices, lights, videography equipment, and a coffee at the same time without overloading it.

I like that it doesn’t make much noise when it operates. It has an over-voltage, over-current, short-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and thermal protection system.

Speaking of thermal, I have used this power station at -2C, and 48C. I didn’t notice any problems.

Compared to the competition, Bluetti 2000 watt is bigger than Jackery Explorer 1500 with 88% power efficiency whereas Jackery 1500 has only 85% power efficiency. Jackery has 1488Wh capacity and Bluetti 2000 has 2000Wh.

EF Ecoflow Delta is a direct competitor of Bluetti AC200Pwith a similar price range but with inferior battery chemistry. Ecoflow Delta has only 800 charge cycles.

I would say Goal Zero Yeti 1500X and Bluetti AC200P are direct competitors. Both have similar output power and charging capacity. Price is almost the same for both as well.  

The only drawback I see with its performance is the highly inefficient BMS (battery management system).

There was this time I left this power station overnight while it was charging a few camera batteries, a drone battery, and a few small things, it discharged about 25% of its capacity. BMS eats up a lot of power to just stay ON. This is insane.

Load Test of Bluetti AC200P:

I have already written a Bluetti AC200P review in my solar generator article. The first time I did the load test during the review, I got 1980W of total power output. The second time, it managed to scrap 2010 running watts which is a huge deal.

Load test result of Bluetti AC200P
The load test result of Bluetti AC200P

Now after 11 months of use, I again conducted a load test. This time I managed to scrap 2002 running watts without tripping the overload alarm.

It passed the test again.

What appliances Bluetti AC200P will charge?

  • Cellphone = 170 to 180 charges
  • Laptop = 25 to 30 charges
  • Mini fridge = 25 to 28 hours
  • TV = 15 to 20 hours
  • 100W projector = 15 to 20 hours
  • 8000BTU AC = 5 to 7 hours
  • Coffee maker = 5 to 70 hours
  • Hair dryer = 70 to 75 minutes

FOR Home:

Microwave  1000 – 2000
Coffee Maker  600 – 1200
Toaster  800 – 1500
Fridge  400 – 700
Laptop and computers  20 – 75
Speakers  200
TV (50” LED)240  

FOR Camping:

Hair Dryer  1000 – 1800
Heater  750 – 1550
Microwave  800 – 900
Phone charger  10
Laptop20 – 75


AC Unit  800 – 1700
Heater  750 – 1600
Microwave  900 – 1000
Phone charger  10
Laptop computer  20 – 75

Should I Buy a Bluetti AC200P 2000 Power Station?

If you are a camper or outdoorsman who wants to power appliances that are close to 2000 watts, then you should purchase Bluetti AC200P. It is a very efficient power station with 17 AC and DC ports, a fantastic LCD control panel that displays a variety of information, and it features multiple charging options including solar, wall outlet, DC car charging, AC generator, and solar + wall combination.

The only drawbacks are the cost and inefficient BMS system that eats up a lot of battery power just to stay ON.

I hope you would like my Bluetti AC200P review. These are my personal observations and findings.

What I Like

  • Very quick charging
  • Multiple charging options
  • LifePO4 battery composition
  • Wireless charging pad
  •  17 different outlets
  • Provide as much power as advertised
  • Equipped modern solar cable plug

What I don’t

  • BMS (battery management system) is not good at all.
  • A bit heavy
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