Where Are Firman Generators Made – Are They Worth The Money?

The Firman generators are imagined, designed, and manufactured in Peoria, Arizona. As per the statement of the officials, they build their generators from the ground in the USA with a team of competent engineers to ensure top-notch quality.

According to a press release the Firman generators were a tiny part of Sumec Machinery which was founded in 1978. their main headquarters were in Nanjing, China and they mostly supply their machinery to North America.  Also, Sumec Machinery itself is a subsidiary of Sinomach.

As of now, I don’t think sumac still owns the firman power equipment since their general manager, Mr. Roland Jackson stated that “we completely build over generators in the USA from scratch to ensure top-notch quality.”.

Where Are Firman Generators Made – (Quick Overview)

CEO            Greg Montgomery
GM (General Manager)Roland Jackson
Net worth$7.3M
No. of Employees27
Founded In1999
Headquarters44 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria, Arizona, 85381, United States
Was Part ofSumec Machinery
Registered In92 countries
Annual RevenueApprox. $6.9M
CertificationsCARB, EPA, NOM and cTEL

What Engines Used in Firman Generators?

Firman OHV engines are powered by Kohler’s (source), Kohlar is an American-based company well known for durable engines with great power, efficiency, and reliability.

Where do they make the engines?

As per my research, the engines of Firman are designed and made in the USA by KOHLER® Engines (source), their main plant is located in Mississippi, however, firman has stated in their official website’s FAQ section that the engines are made by them from the scratch.

Are Firman Generators Any Good?

After comparing with 10 renowned brands, I must say Firman’s portable generators are doing well in terms of durability, efficiency, noise levels, warranty, and customer support, and most importantly they are not overpriced.

As far know they are offering more than 50 generators within the range of $500 – $2000 depending on the size and modern features.

Also, they have inverters, portable power stations, and open-frame generators with overwhelming customer reviews.

Note: Though Firman’s power equipment produces some mind-blowing generators, still you will not find perfection in every generator make sure to do the research, read the customer reviews, etc. before making the buying decision.

What Are the Features of Firman Generators?

Great Portability: The motive of FIRMAN is to build camping, tailgating, and Rving-friendly generators with no flat tires and a decent mobility kit. Also, I found them a bit lighter compared to the brands.

Dual fuel and Tri fuel options: FIRMAN power equipment is actively working on multiple fuel options like gasoline, LPG, and natural gas as well.

Their latest tri-fuel portable generator with 8000 watts is dominating the market with more than 90% positive reviews

Remote start: Like other brands, FIRMAN also offers remote start generators with decent signals to start the generator from 20 – 30 ft.

Provide Lower THD:  The inverter generators of Firman are perfectly optimized to deliver <3% of THD level depending on the load, however, the bigger non-inverter generators are providing me 11 – 12% which are not hurting my appliances as the modern appliances have greater tolerance power.

Longer life span: The team of FIRMAN has put some great efforts into making their generators weatherproof, they are strong believers that their units can sustain any weather. Also, they are providing 3 years of limited warranty backed by great customer support.

Easy maintenance: The maintenance of the FIRMAN generators is a piece of cake since their design is pretty user’s user-friendly, you can refill the engine oil, and clean the air filter or even the carburetor within no time.

Safer Operation: Unlike other brands, they have certifications from CARB, EPA, NOM, and cTEL.

ECO Mode: Eco mode will not only save your fuel cost but also will reduce the noise levels drastically.

From Where I Can Buy Firman Generators?

The simplest and most reliable way to purchase a Firman generator is from their official website or any local dealer, however, you can also purchase from the following platforms.

What Is the Average Price of Firman Generators?

The average price of Firman is between 800 to 1200 bucks depending on the models, sizes, and features you are looking for.

What Warranty Friman Power Equipment Is Offering?

Like Honda and other renowned brands, the Firman is mostly offering 3 years of limited warranty, (1 year for labor and 3 years for parts) with their brand new generator, however, for the certified refurbished generator you will get 90 days of warranty with great customer support.

For warranty registration, follow this link: REGISTER YOUR FIRMAN WARRANTY.


As Firman is building their generators from scratch at their main headquarters situated in Peoria, Arizona, United States you will not regret buying from them.

The Firman got a heavy fine from the California Energy Commission in March 2020 for using small-sized batteries in their remote start generators, From March 2020 they have been using standard-sized batteries with improved inner parts like AVR, Rotor, etc.

After tearing down my FIRMAN iW03083, we found its parts are of decent quality, with an extremely durable frame. Also, we found a decent-sized 12V battery that allows me to start the generator from 20 – 30ft away during the heavy snow.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Firman generators made in the USA?

Yes, firman generators are being manufactured in the USA

Is Firman a Chinese company?

No, Firman Power Equipment is a USA-based company, even a single part of the generator is sourced from the USA to make their generators more durable, efficient, and reliable.

Does Firman power equipment have inverter generators?

Yes, you will find a lot of Firman generators with the latest inverter technology that not only provide you with lower THD levels but also lower noise levels, Eco mode, and other modern features.

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